Shebada in Double Trouble - Broadway Theatre Catford London

Shebada in Double Trouble

Keith “Shebada” Ramsey is back with a brand new exciting blockbuster play called "DOUBLE TROUBLE"

This productionis tailor made for the comedic skills of Shebada, who isarguably Jamaica’s funniest comedian.
With a full cast from ‘yard’ featuring, Sabrina Thomas, Julian Duran, Danielo Reid and Rolando Fagan, it is a wacky, knee slapping, hilariously funny comedy play

It is Sophie’s wedding day, her mother Dawn, who would do anything to get ahead in life and stepfather Gus have fixed her up to get married without knowing the truth about her husband! Just because him have money!!Sophie gets overwhelmed on the big day but in steps the flamboyant, mischievous, well educated Shebbias her bestfriend, nosey neighbour, and wedding planner! ,He has other ideas about the wedding!
Now withShebbiin control all the families hidden secrets will begin to unfold

Venue Location

Broadway Theatre Catford London

Catford Road, LONDON SE8 4RU