You The Jury (Croydon) - Fairfield Hall CROYDON

You The Jury (Croydon)

She is an aspiring model. He is a celebrity chef. Their marriage took a unexpected turn when she decided to leave him for another man – supposedly to be his cousin.
As fate would have it, she decided to get nasty and wrote very graphic details in a letter to him – to hurt him badly. But on the day the divorce was served, he won £23 million on the lottery.
So, she decided that she has to get a half the winnings but he said that’s over his dead body!

The court has to decide but there is a big problem. Because of budget cuts by the government, the judge has not got a panel of jurors, so you (the audience), will have to be the jury.

Venue Location

Fairfield Hall CROYDON

Park Lane, Croydon CR7 1DG